Power Management Services

Tired of running extension cords and flipping breakers?

Tired of running extension cords and flipping breakers? Let our project managers develop a power management plan for your next event. Many of our events (especially concerts and outdoor festivals) have large power consumption requirements. We work closely with our event organizers to ensure that power is distributed adequately around your event space with special attention given to sound, lighting, and vendor needs. Our inventory of NEC-compliant feeder cable and distribution systems ensures that power at your next event will be routed and connected efficiently and safely.

  • Our inventory includes thousands of feet of professional, black, SOOW outdoor-rated cable
  • We offer rack-mounted power distribution systems and spider boxes to get power where you need it
  • For outdoor and large events, we offer silent/quiet gas and diesel generators to make getting power to remote locations quick and easy.

Staging & Power Examples

Staging and Power – 7
Staging and Power – 6
Staging and Power – 5
Staging and Power – 4
Staging and Power – 3
Staging and Power Fat Alice Rock n Roll Cover Band
Staging and Power – 1